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Mcgregor Mayweather Boxing

Conor McGregor calling out Floyd Mayweather last year, did anybody think we would be witnessing a fight between these two machines!? Ummmm… no. When we saw it in the news a couple of months ago, did we believe it could really happen!? Still no. But it is arriving quicker than an amazon prime next day delivery and we cannot wait!!

McGregor swaggered into yesterday’s press conference with a pinstripe suit emblazoned “f**k you” and the action began. Mayweather’s steely composure kept us on the edge of our seats as the war of words came. Four round knock out..? In a street fight maybe but can McGregor prove the doubters wrong and tackle the beast that is Mayweather?

With abuse verging on school ground instructor insults such as “he has little legs and a small head”.. this set the tone for the rest of the night, where they argued over all things money and who would be on their back and knocked out first.

McGregor has very strong claims but is he the man to steal away the title from the legend that is Mayweather who with 49 fights and no losses comes as a formidable force in the field of boxing. Lucky night never 50 perhaps!?

Whatever the result.. this will be one of the greatest fights of our lifetime and we cannot wait to watch and are counting down the days here at Keylift forklift training Manchester

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