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Airport gridlock for our Forklift Truck training instructor

Airport gridlock for our Forklift Truck training instructor

One of our Forklift Truck training instructors has been looking forward to a well-earned Easter break.  When he saw the news and heard about the Airports …. He was a little worried!  It looks like the airports are facing an Easter gridlock. There are staff shortages at the UK Border Agency which will cause havoc! There will not be enough staff to check everyone’s passports.

The Border Force has denied this. They say that they are taking on new staff to avoid this and using staff on rotas.

B. A. and Virgin Airlines were those that had concerns over delays.  They deal with thousands of passengers at this time of year and delays at peak travel times are worrying. Gatwick Airport said it was expecting 4000,000 passengers to travel through the airport over the weekend.

Luton Airport said it was putting measures in place to cope with the 22,000 people passing throug

h its doors. They have made extra security lanes to make sure things run smoothly.

Manchester Airport said that the Border Force had drafted in more staff to help with the demands of the Easter break.

They are advising any one traveling to make sure they arrive in good time.

Our instructor thought he may use up some of his days at the Airport, but it’s not looking that bad!

There is a campaign to urge people to ‘holiday at home’.  So we thought if our instructor was staying in a nearby town, he could fit in some forklift truck training! Kill 2 birds with one stone and all that!

Blackpool has had lots done to it and is attracting couples to book their weddings in the tower. Other towns are planning to be transformed too.  A recent report said that Lancashire has six of the worst beaches.  I think we will risk Airport delays!

After the break, if you need any Forklift Truck training then visit our contact us page.

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