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5 Steps to become a forklift driver (UK)

Becoming a forklift truck driver is a very wise decision in today’s current pandemic situation. The UK will be needing forklift truck drivers for the foreseeable future. We are a nation of manufacturing companies…..its what we do best. The forklift drivers average salary in the UK is £20,536 according to Total Jobs . This is where you the new forklift driver come in.

So here at Keylift Training we’ve put together a 5 step program on how to become a forklift driver. Here’s your guide to become a forklift driver.

Your Guide To Become A Forklift Driver

Loading a lorry on a forklift

Step 1- Save up money

To obtain your forklift license you will need to pay for your training. Depending on your level of competence, the amount of days will vary. This ranges from one day up to fives days. A good article on the amount of days you will need is here. Depending on where you are in the country [UK] a one day refresher course should be anywhere from £160-£250 and a novice course anywhere from £600 to £900. Its a possibility you could get your training free. A good place to start looking for subsidised or free training is to find your local job centre. If you do qualify for training, it’s here you can start looking for forklift driver jobs.

Step 2 – Find a local training company

Wherever you are in the country there will be a forklift training company happy to help you to obtain your forklift license. If you’re in the North of England we will be happy to help you with your forklift training. Be honest when stating your previous experience. If the company are reputable, they will put together an excellent structured course. As a guideline if you are new to forklift driving you are looking at 3 to 5 days. The amount of days required depends largely on what needs to be covered. It is also calculated by the candidates to instructors ratio. This will which will be worked out by your forklift training provider.

Step 3 – Work hard on the course

The forklift driver training is packed full of information. It is detrimental that you pay attention and absorb the knowledge you are being taught. The instructor will have been using the forklift for a long time. Listen to them carefully to gain the necessary skills to avoid accidents. You want to make you pass the course to the highest standard you possibly can. This is to receive the necessary forklift driver qualifications. The key is then to apply these skills on a day to day basis in your new job.

Passing the forklift driver course

Step 4 – Apply for jobs

Quantity here is key. Any forklift driver jobs you like the look of you should apply for. The more you apply for the greater the chances of receiving an interview. Sometimes companies are looking for experienced forklift truck operators not novices. This makes it hard for you to get your foot in the door. This is where you can use your excellent pass rate as leverage.

If I was applying for a forklift job, I would start by looking on the internet and would utilise such career search engines as Indeed and Total Jobs . This is because of the wide reach these platforms have which in turn improves your chances of getting such a role.

Forklift driver test passed

Step 5 – Keep safe while forklift driving

All the hard work has now been done but now is time for the important bit. Many accidents happen in the UK on forklift trucks through lack of knowledge and concentration. In 2019 – 2020 there were 111 fatal accidents in the UK according to the HSE. A high proportion of them came under the bracket ‘being struck by a moving vehicle’ The statistics show that it is dangerous to operate forklifts in the workplace so keep alert and don’t let it happen to you.

If you have any queries please feel free to browse around our website, its got most of the answers you’re looking for. Or if you want to call, give us a ring….we love to chat.

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