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‘Bordering on Ridiculous’

On 16th June, borders reopened and we were able to travel again but how has life changed across the globe? The forklift training Burnley team at keylift have some interesting views.

Well.. initially if you came into the UK from another country you’d be quarantining for 14 days so it seemed pointless to go anywhere but now there are ‘travel corridors’ that let you travel between countries without watching Netflix for a fortnight which is great…. in theory.

The reality of it is.. flights have gone up in price, people have lost their jobs in the tourism industry, restaurants and bars have shut their doors so what do we REALLY have to look forward to abroad? The economy is suffering and let’s be real.. we just can’t afford it.

With our government now talking about face masks in shops in the UK (cue awkward sun tan marks) and with less money to spend, perhaps its time to explore the UK? Put our money back into the country.. support local businesses, surf at Fistral Beach, hike in the Lake District, eat in local restaurants (50% off food in August-YES PLEASE!) and hitch up a caravan or pack a tent and go. Holidays don’t need to be expensive.. Holidays need to be with the ones you love having fun and that can be done anywhere.

So… Stay safe. Stay positive. And get back to nature!

If you would like any guidelines on travel restrictions, the skyscanner website is constantly updating their site. Check it out here.

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