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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Brands Of Forklift Trucks

So, you have a business, let’s say a factory, which brands of forklift should you purchase?
You need to move goods quickly and you’ve hired lots of staff to complete the job..
You’ve hired a forklift truck instructor but wait…
You haven’t got a forklift to move the goods or train on.

How about we look at the brands of forklift trucks and help you make a decision?

Here are the 6 best brands of forklift available in 2021.


Hyster Forklift Truck

This is one of the most recognisable global brands in forklifts. They are known for being dependable
as well as being able to handle all types of conditions. They are used in almost every industry and come
in many different forms from reach stackers to forklift. This would be the preferred choice for many
companies due to reliability and brand name.


Yale would be up there, also, for reliability and brand name. The company started out making locks and
progressed from there. They had industrial aspirations and partnered with Hyster to dominate the field in
the competition.


Now this name may not be so familiar to you but you may recognise the name, ‘Moffett’. Moffett is
produced by Hiab who are the leaders in truck-mounted forklifts. They vary from diesel to electric but are
able to run quietly in small spaces. Their direct competitor was Princeton who produced the ‘Piggy-Back’

forklift who they recently acquired. The forklifts are almost identical although Moffett forklifts feature off-
centred seating and Princeton are in-line with their forks and mast. Hiab are now the undisputed leaders

in truck mounted forklifts due to dominating the market with Moffett and now Princeton.


Toyota makes more forklift trucks than they do cars-fun fact. In fact, after Caterpillar, they are the
highest selling material handling company in the world. They produce a wide range of forklifts to suit
everyone’s needs from ones that fir in tight spaces to ones that can cover difficult terrain. Their lift
capacities can reach up to 50 tonnes! They aren’t really famous for anything in particular but provide
comfort and smoothness with every ride.


Linde Forklift Truck

These trucks have a wide range of forklifts which are very efficient. They put safety as a top priority and have numerous system designs to prevent accidents. Why not read more about Linde Material Handling, they really are up there with the best.


Mitsubishi Forklift Truck

They provide intelligent trucks that are durable and reliable. They are packed with features and with
manoeuvrability and power, you can expect a good quality truck from these guys. You will often see
MCFE which is a joint venture from Caterpillar and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This group manufactures

and distributes Cat Lift trucks, Mitsubishi forklift trucks and Jungheinrich warehouse products for the
material handling industry and is one of the world’s most recognised brands.

We train on all of these trucks so for further information on training and advice on rules and regulations, do not
hesitate to contact us on: 01282787007 or use our contact form.

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