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Can you drive a forklift if you have diabetes?

Do you know if you can drive a forklift if you have diabetes? This is a very difficult question to answer. It not only depends on the severity of the diabetes but also on the driver’s ability to perform the job.

Employers cannot discriminate because of the Equality Act 2010 that is in place to protect you, the employee. You, as the employee or prospective employee has rights and the role should be adapted to meet your needs… within reason.

Type 1 And 2 Diabetes

The type of diabetes (Type 1 or Type 2) also does not itself dictate whether you will be allowed to drive a truck.

However how well controlled your diabetes is, could be a factor in whether you will be eligible to drive a or attend a forklift training course.

For example: –

If you have poorly controlled diabetes this could lead to eyesight problems. Would you want someone who had a visual impairment driving your truck!? No. And furthermore, this would not just affect you but also the company and your colleagues as you would be putting not only yourself but them at risk. On a side note, have your employees been trained on how to deal with diabetics on their first aid course?

Another effect of poorly controlled diabetes could be mobility issues. A person needs to be mobile to get in and out of the truck to complete their job. Therefore if you have ulcers, perhaps on your feet, then you may not be able to safely carry out your job. And driving may become difficult for you.

drive a forklift

Can You Drive A forklift With Diabetes (Conclusion)

Whether you have diabetes, another pre-existing medical condition or are of good health. All companies will take proper precautions to ensure the safety of you and others. If you are deemed unfit to drive a truck, then you will be unable to fulfil this role and action will be taken accordingly.

That being said, any pre-existing medical condition should not stop you from working in this industry. Allowances should be made to an extent. Driver roles are in high demand and often diabetes doesn’t reflect on whether you can complete the role. However a doctor’s letter may be required as some companies need reassurance especially if someone is on insulin.

Do not be afraid to apply for a forklift driving role as you have as much chance as anyone else. There are always vacancies for these types of roles appearing online or through recruitment agencies. Once you have been hired, the company will get you on a forklift training course and they will make sure you meet their criteria and then that’s it… you are certified and ready to go!

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