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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Do the right thing with our Manual Handling Training Courses!

Last week, some of the Keylift team were training in Manchester. I was reading an article that reminded me of why I am in this business. Did you know that over £100 million is lost to British business’ each year due to injuries at work? Some of the factors are the lack of manual handling training courses, supervision, information and instruction. 65% of injuries are strains due to not lifting correctly.

The best way to tackle this problem is to carry out risk assessments. The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 gives guidance as to what you need to do. This includes risk assessments and the right training. Just think 86000 people are absent daily, 26,500,000 working days are lost each year and £1000, 000,000 is lost online casino in production, sickness and health costs. A lot of it could be avoided if only they had put in place the correct Health and Safety measures!

Keylift know that all firms are busy sorting out day to day production, finances and more. A lot like ourselves! Some things tend to be put on the back burner and then just forgotten about. But Health and Safety shouldn’t be one of them. It is just too important a topic! If your workers are not taught the right way to do things, it could have a big effect on costs and your business.

We like to do things the right way! Come to us and you won’t go wrong. You can rest assured that your health and safety standards will be number one after our manual handling training courses and first aid training courses. We do what we do best and leave you to deal with what you do best, running your firm. We could save you cash in the long run!

Give us a call or email us at dean@keylift.co.uk.

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