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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Do You Need Accredited Forklift Training?

Are you an employer wanting forklift training for your staff. Or wanting to employ a forklift truck driver? Are you an individual wanting to obtain a forklift truck licence?

Here we answer all your questions and whether you need accredited forklift training.

An Employer Wanting Forklift Training.

forklift driver loading a van

So if you are an employer wanting to provide forklift truck training for your staff accredited forklift training is not a must. Your job is to ensure the company has a good reputation because it is your duty to provide suitable training. Their instructors must be experienced and competent in the field so a high standard of training is achieved. The HSE L117 is a must read on this under section 33, 34.

Your responsibility is to provide ‘adequate’ training to your employees so always check with any training provider that they have the correct credentials. Ask for C.V’s to prove operating experience, teaching qualifications to make sure the instructor can communicate their message across. An instructor certificate is also a must.

If you would like any forklift truck training for your staff use website enquiry forms to get the best prices.

Always double check with your insurance provider to make sure the type of training you are receiving is valid.

A Company Wanting To Employ a Forklift Driver

OK, so you are wanting to employ a forklift driver who carried out his forklift training at another company. Accredited training plays a vital role here.

If the candidate has received training at another company and YOU haven’t selected the training provider. You can’t be sure of the quality of training he has received. If he was trained by an accredited training provider, you know a certain standard of training should have been met.

You should not disregard the potential employer though, a quick refresher course to assess the candidates ability is all you would need. The instructor would then feed back to you their abilities. If they were up to standard, the instructor would sign them off as competent.

An Individual Wanting Forklift Training.

forklift front view

If you are an individual wanting to add to your skill set and obtain forklift training, we would always recommend accredited forklift training. This is because, as stated in the previous title, a lot of companies taking on forklift drivers are looking for accredited training. If you have received non-accredited training, they don’t know what type of standard has been met.

Even though it might be slightly more expensive, we would recommend going down this route. RTITB and ISSAR are widely recognised with employers.

If you would like any more information on this please do not hesitate to contact us.

That’s all for now.

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