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Electric Forklifts vs Gas Forklifts

Electric forklifts vs gas forklifts? Have you ever wondered which is the better option. The way the world is going electric forklifts seem to be the way forward, but are they as good as they say they are?  Are they the right choice for you?  You will have read a lot about electric cars in the past with Tesla leading the way but what do you know about electric forklift trucks?  What makes them special?

Read on to find out more…

Benefits Of Electric Forklifts

electric forklift Battery
Battery on an electric forklift

Electric forklifts pro number one: they require less maintenance. There is no need for engine tune ups, and they don’t break down as often as gas or diesel trucks. This means no waiting on machinery to be fixed.  They also have zero tailpipe emissions which means that they are safer in the work environment. This is especially important in enclosed spaces, so your staff are protected from fumes.  You’re also not searching for fuel or constantly buying it which significantly reduces your outgoings.  Furthermore, an electric truck is much quieter so not only are you reducing emissions, but you are also contributing to the reduction of noise pollution. Sounds great, huh?

Benefits Of Gas Forklifts

Battery forklift truck Charger
Battery forklift truck charger

Electric forklifts are however much more expensive to buy outright than gas or diesel forklifts. However the costs in the long run balance out.  You are looking at prices in the region of £12000 and up for a brand-new truck compared to £9000 new for a gas truck.  There is also the option of leasing which means that any breakdowns will be covered in the cost, but you will need to pay an excess for any damages done by you.  With electric trucks, batteries need at least 8 hours to charge overnight so if you forget… There is no work for you the next day!  You also need to charge the battery in a safe environment and check to make sure that it doesn’t overheat.


If you are wanting to buy a forklift and are on a budget, then a gas or diesel one may be for you. However in the long run an electric forklift will save on your outgoings in the future. Remember that you can’t use diesel or gas forklifts indoors for long periods. You can get liquid-propane trucks that do the job but they are extremely rare and when working with gas, there is always a danger.

People often choose diesel-powered because they have the fuel available onsite but in the long run, the costs for these trucks are high and as I mentioned before, they’re not safe to use indoors.

So do you need anymore reasons to go green?

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