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England Management

Well Roy Hodgson is the new football manager of England.  He wasn’t the fans choice and he wasn’t the footballer’s choice.  He admits he can’t take stick and has a thin skin.  That being said he’ll have to have the skin of a rhino.  His reign at Liverpool was swift and he was sacked last year.  He has had great success with Fulham and West Ham.

The England job can make fools out of the best of men.  The fact is they haven’t got the players.  England’s players are good but not world class, although Hodgson has a knack of getting the best out of players.

Switzerland hadn’t qualified for anything major in 30yrs and he led them to the finals of the 1994 World Cup, Euro 96 as well as third place in the Fifa rankings.  It has been said that he has no charisma, well Alf Ramsey hadn’t any but he won the world cup with England.

Hodgson is going to speak with Capello to pick his brains.  Harry Redknapp was the man we all thought would get the job.  His record is A1, he has charisma and all players respect him.

That being said we should all get behind Hodgson, the FA have given him the job.

Here at Keylift we believe in strong management, good training and team players.  We deliver forklift truck training at all levels. Our instructors teach on a variety of different trucks such as reach, counterbalance, pedestrian pallet truck, scissor lift and more.

Visit our website for more information on our first aid training courses and manual handling training courses all done on site.

If you need training for your employees then contact us.

Take care.

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