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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Forklift Instructor Jobs…We Are Hiring

As the lock down is coming to an end the need for manufacturing companies to back get producing is on the rise. This has a knock on effect for people to get trained up on forklift trucks. We have forklift Instructor jobs. We need more instructors to keep up with the demand.

Instructor Teaching Forklift Student

Why Apply For A Forklift Instructor Job At Keylift

With great rates of pay, your own flexibility and an excellent team supporting you you’ll find it hard not to love working here. Excellent pay is a good bonus when working for a company but having your own flexibility to say when you’re working is priceless. It is literally up to you to decide what jobs you take and what dates you would like to work.

With child care, dentist appointments, car servicing and the usual tasks that get in the way of day to day life. Being able to have control and plan your life is one of the top benefits of having a job at Keylift.

5 Great Reasons To Work For Keylift

No Shift Work Or Weekends – None of us like leaving the house on Saturday morning to start a full day’s work. So here at Keylift, we work Monday – Friday, weekends are for family and having fun. Let’s keep it that way because a happy worker is a good worker.

Out Of The Office Every Day – Every day is different, we work across a number of locations and meet new people every day. The great thing about being a forklift instructor is that you aren’t bound to the same four walls as we’re out and about and meeting new people every day.

Excellent Rates Of Pay – I mean, let’s not forget what we come to work for. If there was no money involved then very few people would be working.

Money is paid at a daily rate and its up to you how many days you take on. Make as little or as much as you want.

You Decide What Days You Work – If one week you want to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then do it. For the times you want to build the bank balance up, do a Monday to Friday. Its as easy as that.

A Great Team – You have got the freedom but you also have a great team around you. If you have a query we’re only a phone call away. We’ve got your back every step of the way.
That’s how a job with a great team works.

So what’s not to like? We like to think we tick all the boxes and we strive to be better everyday.

So if you are looking for a forklift instructor job and you think you could be an asset to our team, Apply today.

How To Apply

If you are an instructor interested in a job, click the link below and fill in our online form. Someone will contact you soon.

If you are a forklift operator and you are interested in a forklift instructor job. Enquire on our general enquiry form

We hope to be working with you soon.

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