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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Forklift Training In Burnley

The Forklift training team in Burnley have continued to be busy during lockdown. As training eased, we kept supplying our customers based in Burnley with useful information on everything forklift truck. We get phone calls daily asking common questions regarding forklift trucks. So we thought this would be a good opportunity to answer them in our news posts.

We’re booming with manufacturing companies in Burnley, with the majority of them having forklift trucks on site. 

As we play a sizeable part in the training industry we thought it would be a good idea to set up a question and answer day.

What Training Topics We Discussed

We discussed everything from forklift trucks on public roads, how to obtain a forklift licence, job specific and familiarisation training. We also discussed the legal age to operate a forklift truck, which always catches people out.

Please check out the links above for the answers to all these questions.

Counter Balance Forklift Truck in Burnley
Counter Balance Forklift Truck In Burnley

Burnley needs Forklift Trucks

Burnley is a small town with a population of 87,700. In 2016 the number of people employed in Burnley was 38,000. With employment in the manufacturing sector accounting for 15.6% of people according to the Burnley Council website. All of these will use some form of forklift truck and here at Keylift we are grateful to supply most of them with forklift truck training.

COVID-19 hit companies in the UK hard, especially in Burnley.  A big percentage of the manufacturing companies in Burnley are aerospace firms. Obviously the holiday industry suffered a big hit which sent a ripple effect threw the employment figures.
Moving forward, keeping people in work is of massive importance for the Burnley community. Not only for the economics but for the physical and mental well being of people and their families.

Here at Keylift Forklift Training we believe in the power of education. By teaching new skills we are enabling people.

Training Courses Offered In Burnley

We deliver courses such as emergency first aid at work, counterbalance forklift licence, manual handling and more. Don’t forget to find out our forklift training prices.

Lets keep pushing forward and driving through the current climate and onto a new chapter and brighter future for Burnley.

Take care and speak to you all soon

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