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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Forklift truck training Burnley Team Heads to Portugal

Brits abroad. It’s March 2016 and my family and I are embarking on a nice trip to Old Town, Albufeira. The weather? Hot. The tourists? Burnt. The food? Fishy. But the views and sunrises/sunsets would make even the toughest of stone hearts melt. The white villas poke out and christen the clean skyline while the stray dogs pop from shop to shop to feed their hungry desires. Every tourist adorned with beads, colourful threads and flip flops.. Hippie heaven.
We love our job, training. Especially forklift truck training. Its a great way of teaching and getting to know our local people in and around Burnley, Manchester, Preston, Liverpool, Lancashire and Yorkshire. However its also good to relax from time to time.
If you’re looking for a chilled out holiday without too many water parks, screaming kids, drinkers and huge shopping centres then the Algarve is the place to go with its sun drenched beaches, sharp coffee and fresh juices. Every street is littered with authentic Portuguese restaurants, home of the original Nandos flavour and if you continue further on you will get drunk on the wine fumes from Cliff Richard’s Vineyard. There is literally something for everyone.

Old Town comprises mini markets and quiet little designer shops while New Town holds the parties every evening from dusk til dawn. If you want to relax, head down to Old Town beach near Fisherman’s Wharf to engage in a spot of volleyball before finishing your afternoon with a coffee and homemade apple pie, all for €2.50 at Flavours Restaurant. Then watch the locals sculpt sand into mystical and magical creatures along the shore.
Perhaps you’d like a market? Loule or Quarteira with their Gypsy Markets and fresh fruit make for a great day out, a bargain will be found, no doubt about that! Vilamoura with its beautiful yachts is the millionaires’ playground. The sea laps against the rocks and fish frolick nearby making the atmosphere fresh and with the wind circling about your freckled skin, this is the way to know you’ve made it. That life is complete.
The tour bus drivers are friendly and welcoming and are up on English pop culture and know our sayings. All in all, Portugal has something for everyone and I would heartily recommend it. With the sun hot and the food fresh, where else would you rather be!?

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