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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Forklift Truck Training Lancashire and the History of Industry

Forklift Truck Training in Lancashire and the History of Industry.

Prior to the 18th Century, Burnley was a market Town.  There were a few mills making woollen goods, before long things were going to change.

The Brun and Calder rivers were to make the town’s links with textiles by using water to power the early factories in the town.  Water held the key to growth in the town.

The birth of the Leeds and Liverpool canal in 1801 allowed the mass movement of goods.  There were coal mines, the steam engine had reared its head and Burnley was in the best place for the boom.

Burnley wasn’t just a textile weaving town.   It made its mark in engineering and making looms.  The Burnley loom was known as the best in the world.

Foundries and ironworks sprang up.  They supplied the many mills with the finest machines; nine thousand looms were in service in 1850. Over the next sixty years this grew to 100,000.

This soon came to a halt with the Great War.  Things went downhill.  The war made it hard to get raw materials and there were no men to run things.

In the 1930’s came the Great Depression, things began to dry up and mills closed.

Then came World War II and rationing.  Added to that there was the CC41, this was a set of laws.  The CC41 made it illegal to put anything fancy on any item.   If it didn’t make the item work they couldn’t put it on.  This applied to clothes, linen, sports goods and house goods.

In 1971 The Forklift Truck was born which helped in industry and Keylift are happy to be delivering forklift truck training nationwide in this present time.

The mills began to close and most were pulled down.  Some of the mills and chimneys still stand today.

Queen Street mill in Burnley is still open.  It is the only steam powered weaving mill in the world.  It weaves cloth for its ‘simply’ range.  It also has a museum.  This lets people see the shape of things in the Industrial Revolution.

Keylift are providing firms with Forklift truck training, First Aid training courses, Manual Handling training courses and more.  It’s all carried out on site and at a fair price.

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Take care.

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