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Forklift Truck Training in Manchester and shock article

While carrying out some forklift truck training in Manchester I saw an article about people in the 40 to 54 age group that should take an eye test every 2 years. It explained how millions of motorist’s over 40 could be risking their lives and other people’s such as walkers and riders too. They were talking about the dangers of glaucoma.

People are naive to the dangers and don’t realise this age group is where it is most common.  Too many people over 40 think their eyes are fine and don’t bother with check-ups.  This means thousands of drivers are on our roads and don’t know they have it.  It is a risk for everyone concerned.

The test for glaucoma is really simple and if treated early people can carry on driving for many years.  This way they will avoid the impact of losing their licence. If it is found early, with proper treatment (eye drops) a patient could expect to retain good sight for an extra 10 years or more.

The drivers who get it in both eyes must report it to the DVLA.  They will have to undergo a test to see if they can still drive.  When both eyes are affected the danger comes in driving, when the damaged areas in both eyes overlap.  Instead of getting normal vision the brain sees something else.  This gives a wrong picture and events may be missed.  For example a child could be crossing the road and you wouldn’t even see it.

If you want to know more about glaucoma, the IGA has launched the ‘eye way code to keep your eyes on the road after 40 yrs old.’

Download on www.glaucomsassociation.com

The Keylift Training team are always aware of health and safety issues and that’s why this article was of interest to us.

If your company is in need of any training to keep in line with health and safety, then please contact us.

We provide forklift truck training, manual handling training courses, first aid training courses and much more.

Remember it may be worth booking yourself in for an eye test.

Take care.

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