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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Forklift Truck Training Preston and big events!

Forklift Truck Training in Preston and big events!

Keylift are happy about the upcoming events in Lancashire.  There are major sporting events, a Royal Anniversary, and the Preston Guild.  They’re right here in the country.  The Open Golf Championship will bring 200,000 people. They will come from all across the world and it will be broadcast to over 400 million people in 150 countries.

The Diamond Jubilee marks 60 yrs of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  The Queen will visit Lancashire in May as part of the celebrations. Then there is the Preston Guilds.  The Guild dates back to 1179 and is the only Guild celebrated in the UK.  This is the first Guild of the 21st Century. It is also the first since Preston was made a city in 2002.  The key events will take place in an extended Guild week (31st August – 9th September).

It also marks the anniversary of King Henry II granting Preston the right to have a Guild Merchant in 1179.  The Guild was a body of traders, craftsmen and merchants. The Preston Guild wheel is a footpath and cycleway that circles Preston. It links the city to the countryside.  The project includes new access points, tree planting, resurfacing and much more.

We do a lot of forklift truck training in Preston and know that the wheel has been years in planning.  It is now at the exciting stage. The opening will be in August, the guild wheel is a great boost for Preston because of everyone who has been involved to make it a reality.

This year also marks the 400th Anniversary of The Pendle Witch Trials.  On the 20th August 1612, ten people were convicted of witchcraft at Lancaster Castle.  They went to the gallows on the moors above the town.

I am going to make sure I just happen to have some bookings for forklift truck training in Preston towards the end of August!! Remember if you are looking for forklift truck training, manual handling training courses, first aid training courses and more, visit our contact us page. Take care.

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