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Forklift Truck Training Manchester and Titanic Museum!

Forklift Truck training Manchester and the Titanic Museum!

While carrying out forklift truck training Manchester based, I had the chance to visit the Titanic display in Manchester.  I have always been interested,  so this was a great chance  to see it. Everyone had the same idea. It was packed out.

We were given a boarding pass witha real persons name from the ship. Visitors found out their fate at the end of the show by checking names on a board. I was an unluck one! To make it worse, the rest of my family survived.

Apart from that the event was great. It had items from people on the ship.  Kept for 92 years were coats, jewellery and money.   I was able to touch parts of the ship and see the bell that was rang by Frederick Fleet.   More third class passengers died than first class and out of the 2,224 people on the ship, 514 ended up dying.

It was such a great event but sad that it was real.

I would like to thank Manchester for this experience and how it brings the story to life. I did resist buying a bit of coal from the wreckage though!

It is the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic sinking.  Titanic is being re-released into cinemas on April 6th.  This time it's in 3D, the cinemas will make a profit if they are selling tissues!!.  There is a display at the Maritime Museum in Liverpool, it's going to be a great event.  Liverpool always put on a good show.

I would advise anyone who can get to Liverpool to  see it.

I wonder if I can get any Forklift Truck training jobs Liverpool based, in the next few weeks ?

If you are in need of Forklift Truck Training Manchester based , Manual Handling training courses or First Aid training courses, then visit our contact us page.

Keep safe everyone.

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