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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Forklift trucks on public roads

As a forklift truck instructor, the one reoccurring question asked by employers is, “Can we operate this on the road?” There is not so much information on this subject and the little information there is very vague. Below is the answer in Layman’s terms.

To operate the forklift truck on public roads, the operator should have a full Licence that will allow them to use a vehicle designed for the road e.g. car driving licence. The operator also needs to have had forklift truck TRAINING provided by a competent person.

Another grey area is taxing, insurance, number plates etc. The forklift truck MUST be taxed to be on public roads. However, you could be exempt from this if the forklift is not travelling more than one mile (weekly) and is only used in the agriculture, horticulture or the forestry industry. A number plate must be displayed and the lift truck must be fitted with necessary lighting. When operating on public roads, a seat belt must be fitted and USED. The vehicle must also be appropriately insured and registered for the road.

As the majority of forklifts travel less than 25mph, a flashing amber beacon is required at the rear of the vehicle and lights must be visible from the rear by other road users. Regular vehicle maintenance and daily checks should be carried out to make sure the forklift truck is fit to drive. These should also be logged for your records.

There is a “1000 yard rule” that sometimes comes up in conversation but again is unclear. Basically if the forklift truck will travel more than one thousand yards or 0.568 miles, then it should comply with the Road Vehicles Construction and use Regulations.

I hope this helps.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.

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Marathon Belting

We have used Keylift for the past 12 months for FLT training, they are very competitively priced and are flexible with training times, including nightshift training. Dean the trainer is very friendly and very well understood by all. Thanks Keylift for an excellent service.

Fiona Wilson http://www.marathonbelting.co.uk/

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