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How Long Is A Forklift Training Course? (UK)

So how long is a forklift training course? This is a good question, right? The rules on this are confusing to some companies but here at Keylift Forklift Training we have some strict guidelines in place to help you separate the fact from fiction but also keep you safe. 

For one thing… You SHOULD NOT be using a forklift truck if you have not completed at least a *three-day training course that includes all trucks (Reach, PPT, Counter balance etc). *Amount of days may vary depending on candidate quantities.

Some companies need you on the truck immediately but if you have not had any form of training from a competent instructor and you have an accident, well… you do the maths.  It will not end well for you or the company!  So never attempt to use any form of machinery without the basic training required.

forklift training in classroom
One Of Our Forklift Training Classroom Sessions

Here are some rough guidelines for how much training you need and should receive via your company:

Novice Course

1 candidate – 3 days training

2 candidates – 4 days training

3 candidates – 5 days training

These are timeframes that mirror the ACOP L117 that states ‘Basic training: Tests of operator skills’ is typically 3-5 days.

We follow these guidelines in order to provide you with the best training possible.   Our aim is to make sure you all have an equal amount of training (practical and theory) and so we provide tailor made courses for you to incorporate everyone and meet their needs.  We believe in equal opportunities, so we aim to give each person the same amount of time on the course and if more is needed, then so be it.  This may also vary depending on the type of training and experience overall.

How Long Is A Refresher Forklift Training Course?

(Someone who has previously attended a course within the last 3-5 years and has been using the truck regular in the last 12 months )

Up to 3 candidates – 1 day

A refresher course gives a brief overview of the content and our instructors examine how candidates use the truck in a practical exam after some basic theory.  It is necessary to keep your training up to date to prevent accidents and just refresh the existing knowledge.  We can all get lazy once we think we know something, but it is key to keep your eye on the ball and with Health and Safety legislation changing all the time, it is paramount that you and your company follow and adhere to this.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us for informed and up to date advice.  We are here to not only train you but to keep you safe!

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