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Is my forklift licence an ‘in house’ licence?

“Is this forklift licence an ‘in houselicence?”
This along with “can I take this licence anywhere?” Are probably the most asked questions in the forklift training industry. ?
This has been a confusing subject matter for many years.
The Health and Safety Executive no longer administers an accrediting bodies scheme. A few years ago they used to be accredited training that was recognised in the industry.

However, now the HSE doesn’t necessarily need the training to be accredited but still requires the training to be up to standard, the word they use is adequate.
It is the responsibility of the company you work for to provide you with adequate training. Once you’ve received the training your job to operate the forklift truck to the high standard you was taught on your basic training. So it doesn’t really matter if your forklift licence is an in house licence, your training just needs to be up to the correct standards.

Here’s The Answer..

So to answer the question of ‘can I take my licence anywhere’, If it’s the responsibility of the company you work for to provide you with training. Which ever training you receive, the new company should still technically put you through a forklift refresher course to make sure you’re up to standard. What ever course you receive you will need to complete another training session at your new employers.
If you’ve had a previous course with in 3 years at a company and you’re experienced on the forklift truck. The new company would not need to give you a novice course. You would just need a refresher course. it does not matter what type of licence you have received.

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