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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Keylift Forklift Truck Training belt up!

Keylift Forklift Truck Training belt up!

Keylift Forklift Truck training are very big on health and safety, so we were interested to hear Lancashire Councils agenda to put a 20mph limit in place on all residential roads and outside schools.

They aim to do this by 2013.  We will all benefit from safer streets and people will feel safer letting their children walk or cycle. It’s been proven if a person is hit by a car at 20mph rather than 30mph they have a much better chance of living.  The 20mph zones will be marked with signs rather than humps or chicanes.

The Council will still work with the police and the public to iron out any problems with speeding in their area.

Basic road and cycle safety training in school will carry on.  This will learn the children road sense.

There is also a campaign by ‘Safer Lancs Partnership’ urging drivers to use seat belts.  It uses the true story of Rick Pilkington to drive home its story.  He walked away from a crash on the M6 and said that wearing the seatbelt saved his life.

He had been stopped by Police a month earlier for not wearing a seat belt. “I was stopped by PC Dave Dunn and he gave me a £60 fine.  He spoke to me about the dangers of not wearing one.”

“Just four weeks later I was in a crash on the M6 in my van with a lorry.  The van flipped, jumped the hard shoulder and rolled on its side.”

“I crawled out of the smashed windscreen, the person who was there was PC Dunn. Quite simply if I hadn’t had my belt on, I would be dead”

We at Keylift think that children should be shown an example by their parents by seeing them belt up on every journey.

Our instructors always belt up when travelling to various towns to deliver forklift truck training.  Why would you not use something that takes seconds to put on and could save your life?

For the older people out there, remember the safety advert……. clunk, click every trip!

Keylift can provide forklift truck training, first aid training courses manual handling training courses and much more.

Please contact us to book any training or if you require more information.

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