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Keylift’s Surprise at Shock Figures of Pub Closures in Lancashire

We were shocked to hear that 68 pubs closed in Lancashire over the past six months. The county had been the hardest hit in Britain in a tough time for the pubs industry. I think it’s time the forklift truck training team got behind this cause and started to go to more pubs!!

Landlords have blamed a number of reasons for the closures, from the smoking ban, to the economy. It has also been said the decline reflected a change in society. The areas worst hit are those that had a lot of heavy industry in the past.  Places like Lancashire, where there were lots of cotton mills, had a pub on every corner, and men would come out of the mills and factories and into the pubs. Places like Nelson and Barnoldswick have seen a huge decline. It is sad, but it is a sign of the times.

However not all pubs are struggling, as new owners of the Crooked Billet, Worsthorne, Alison Leigh and Paul Miller have found.

Miss Leigh said that they have found it great over the four weeks they have had the place. They have a good selection of real ales, including some from the Worsthorne Brewery, which are very popular. Miss Leigh said being a free house was a major advantage. She said she had changed one of their lager suppliers three times in a month to get better deals.

Miss Leigh sounds like she has a good business head on her shoulders. You need to get the best deals to succeed!! That’s why Keylift is the company to choose for your first aid training courses and manual handling courses.  We also offer a range of forklift truck training courses at various levels at a price you can afford!!

Contact us to discuss your training needs! It will be a call you won’t regret!

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