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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Life in Britain

Our instructors have been carrying out lots of forklift truck training up and down the country in 2013. We are very happy that our past customers have come back to us for more training and new businesses are using us for the first time also. Our manual handling courses have had a surge of bookings since the beginning of the year and have been in demand. At Keylift, we aim to keep our prices competitive and continue to deliver courses by reliable, qualified instructors. Over the next few month we will be updating our website and putting on the new courses that we can offer.
The papers and the media, sometimes, paint a bleak picture of life in Britain…and yes we do have lots of problems. So do other countries. Yes, there is an unemployment problem and some companies are not keeping afloat.
It is not all bad. Some companies are doing well and seem to be weathering the storm, even taking on new staff! This is always good to see. Although the high street does not look to be doing that well. Our town centre is slowly losing more and more shops and being replaced by ‘pay day’ loan shops, which seem to thrive!!
We try to focus on the positive though. Our instructors go out to companies, with a friendly, professional attitude and always find we are greeted by candidates that enjoy their jobs and are eager to learn new skills.
Keylift can offer nationwide coverage.

Remember if you are looking for forklift truck training, all carried out on site for added convenience, then contact us. We will be happy to help.

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