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Local Elections Turnout

Local elections turnout

Here at Keylift we pride ourselves on being organised and professional.  After a day of forklift truck training we all go into the office to hand in paperwork and to book in any additional training.  We try to make a point of not talking politics as it’s a personal opinion.

We did, however, agree that the local elections have not been great.  Labour has taken a huge 82 seats with the Tory’s losing 400 seats and a third of the power.

Cameron came under fire with talk of a revolt. Turnout slumped to its lowest level for twelve years with 32% of the 25 million not bothering to vote.  The heavy rain didn’t help floating voters (pardon the pun) but even so 32% is bad.

In Edinburgh, The Independent who campaigned dressed as a giant penguin got more votes than the Lib Dems.  There’s talk about Tony Caldeira who ran for Mayor of Liverpool for the Conservatives.  He was beaten into 7th place by a man dressed as a polar bear.

The Tory toff Boris Johnson held on as Mayor of London.  The blond buffoon just beat his Labour rival.  He said he would not challenge Cameron for the leadership.

Labour are back in power in Burnley, fifteen seats were up for grabs in all 15 wards. Labour regained control from the Lib Dems.  The Lib Dems had been in charge for six years and this trend was repeated through the country.  Labour said that they now have a huge task.  They will fight for our town against large cuts in Government spending.

I think people have lost faith in the government with lots of broken promises.  Times are hard and we all just want to see things picking up. Firms are closing and people are losing their jobs and security.

Keylift aim to help firms by providing forklift truck training at fair prices and are always on the lookout for good instructors.  We also offer first aid training courses and manual handling training courses, all done on site for added convenience.

If you require training for any employees please visit our contact us page to get in touch.

Let’s all look to a brighter future.

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