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Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is always a ‘taboo’ subject but with Covid19 taking over our lives for the last 4 months, I think it’s important that we talk about it. Mental health doesn’t have the stigma that it used to, of course.. I mean, what is mental health!
Mental health definition: It is a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being.
Mental illness comes when their is instability in one’s mental health and can creep up on someone when they least expect it. Our bodies react in different ways and emotional and psychological well being can be badly affected resulting in mood changes with the potential for anxiety and more serious personality disorders. 

We have made it through COVID-19 but it is still very easy to forget that people are still suffering with their health, businesses, wages, employees etc.  Basically we’ve all been affected in one way or another and we need to support people. It’s OK to not be OK but by smiling at someone or asking them how they are, you could make the world a better place for them. 
Mental illness isn’t always visible so take the time to check on people. Yes, we have to socially isolate and stay 1m apart but it’s not hard to say hello. 
Remember by doing that little bit, you could save a life!
If you need any further support, you can contact The Samaritans on: 116123

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