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Pre Use Checks On Forklifts

Who’s responsibility is it to carry out pre use checks on a forklift? Well, if you google HSE Inspection Of Work Equipment you’ll find the following statement.

You should inspect work equipment if your risk assessment identifies any significant risk (for example, of major injury) to operators and others from the equipment’s installation or use. The result of the inspection should be recorded and this record should be kept at least until the next inspection of that equipment. Records do not have to be made in writing but, if kept in another form (eg on a computer), these should be held securely and made available upon request by any enforcing authority.

So even though you don’t own the forklift truck you still need to do pre use checks on the machine. It might be easier to think of it this way. If you was a delivery driver, using the company vehicle. If you the police pulled you over and the vehicle had bold tyres, who would get points and a fine?….The driver. You’re the one operating the machine, so you need to make sure it’s safe to use. The pre use checks should be taught in forklift basic training, then covered again in familiarisation training.

Check List

Have Often Should I Be Checking The Truck?

As taught in forklift basic training the FLT check should be completed before the start of any shift hence the name ‘pre-shift check’. They should also be written or electronic evidence supporting a check has been done too. If you haven’t got a check list you can download a pre shift check sheet for free in our documents section.
If you are not the first person to use the forklift truck that shift, it is your responsibility to check that the previous operator has completed a pre shift check sheet.

What Responsibility Has The Company Got Regarding Checks?

The company must (under LOLER Regs 1998) carry out a more in depth check.  These checks are every 6 months or 12 months. This depends on what the forklift truck is being used for.
Every 6 months for when the truck is used to lift people.
Every 12 months for lifting goods and products.


The company also have a responsibility to fix the truck when a fault has been reported. REMEMBER- never drive an unsafe forklift. You’re making the decision whether to use the forklift, you’ll be held responsible if any accident occurs.

Can An Employee Refuse To Use The Forklift If Its unsafe?

Yes. If you feel a major accident could occur if the machine was used, the employee has every right to refuse.  Any reputable  employer would not ask their staff to use an unsafe truck.

Pre shift checks don’t only keep you safe on the fork but everybody else also. Remember to report and log down any faults you find on the truck. It doesn’t matter how big or small the fault is. It’ll be then refereed over to the designated person to deem the truck safe or unsafe to use.

If you would like more information on this or would like to book a Forklift Truck Training Course please do not hesitate to contact us.

That’s all for now.

Keep safe.

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