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Richard Hammond takes a roll

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The most accident prone presenter on British TV has been airlifted to hospital for a third time, following on from a motorbike accident in Mozambique earlier this year, after a serious car crash in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Ex Top Gear Presenter and current The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond took a tumble when taking part in the Bergrennen Hemberg Hill race. He left the road and mounted a grass verge before rolling. The accident has been described by his co-star Jeremy Clarkson as “the worst crash he has ever seen,” Hammond quickly ejected himself from the car just as the £2 million electric super car burst into flames.

Richard Hammond is said to have been airlifted to hospital, no official word has been given on his injuries but it is reported that he may have a fractured knee but is most definitely lucky to be alive.

Hammond is no stranger to serious car crashes as in 2006 he was hospitalised after crashing a jet powered car at Elvington Airfield near York reaching speeds of 300mph. He was lucky to be alive then and suffered serious brain damage which resulted in short term memory loss, regression to a childlike state and him flat lining. It was only this year, after a serious motorbike accident, that Hammond stated he was giving up doing the death defying stunts for his family as he has 2 beautiful daughters and a wife to live for and had come very close to death once again.

From all of us at Keylift Training Manchester, we wish you a speedy recovery and recommend that you really do put the death defying stunts to bed..!

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