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Sam Smith is off social media

Also in Oscars talk this week we have Sam Smith. Sam Smith won an Oscar for Best Original Song for the Bond Theme used in Spectre but it was his speech that garnered the most criticism when he wrongly stated that no openly gay man has ever won an Oscar but he probably should’ve done his homework as several gay men have including Elton John, Stephen Sondheim and Dustin Lance Black who was headed for Twitter in an online campaign to shame Sam Smith and his little knowledge on the subject. What we assume he meant to say, as he was quoting Sir Ian McKellen, was that no openly gay man has won the best actor Oscar. Either way, his proud moment has been overshadowed by a speech that was meant to empower not enrage. Not only was that embarrassing but Dustin Lance Black (Tom Daley’s Fiancé) outed him for texting his fiancé and suggested that if he didn’t know who he was then he should stop texting his boyfriend. Ouch!!

Today news broke that Sam Smith has quit Twitter after a significant amount of trolling occurred. Well Sam.. We hope you don’t stay away too long. There are some people out there that appreciate you! #SamSmith

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