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Selfies and Social Media

We’ve all done it. The strategic, “I woke up like this,” but are we putting ourselves in danger!?

In fact more people died in 2016 taking selfies than being attacked by sharks. So are selfies damaging to your health? We’ve actually seen people taking selfies while operating forklift trucks! This is very dangerous and is usually down to a lack of training and appropriate supervision.

Most selfie related deaths are due to falling whilst taking a selfie. However the next most common accident occurs when people are taking selfies in places like roads and are subsequently hit by cars. So what is the need for the selfie? Psychologists would state that it is to increase self-esteem and encourage compliments

Are people sharing too much on social media?

People air everything online nowadays from where they will be when, new gadgets, holidays and even relationship break ups. Look at Helen Flanagan, Posting that she was home alone and then getting robbed. So perhaps the answer is to monitor what we post on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. If we don’t give an inch then the criminals won’t take a mile.

And selfies? Just don’t stand near a charging bull, in the middle of a road, on a cliff or holding a loaded gun and you should be fine.

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