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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Snow days for forklift truck training instructors

100s of schools were closed today across Yorkshire and East Lancashire due to heavy snow overnight on Monday. The white stuff blanketed all across Northern England with several people stranded on motorways for up to 4 hours. Keylift who provide forklift truck training through out the north of England were stranded trying to get to our customers. The gritters and highway workers were stretched to the limit clearing the roads but if we think we have it bad.. look at America and Canada with their annual snow storms. A bit of snow here and there and our country goes into a mad panic. We went into a shop in Burnley earlier only to find staff have been dragged in that lived locally as others were unable to get there safely. Maybe, Mr. Cameron, it’s about time we follow our North American counterparts and have better provisions put in place for the freak weather conditions that we have had to face in the last few weeks and months… come on Dave, pull your finger out and get us some flood defences and a snow plan.

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