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Tesco Ends 24 hour trading

Have you ever been into a Tesco late at night? Got the munchies? Feeling down and reached for the cupboard only to find nothing there? Walked a mile to your local store after a hard night shift?

These things we take for granted but today it was announced that Tesco would be removing the 24 hour opening times from 76 of it’s stores as there isn’t enough custom overnight. But what about the bar staff? The night workers? The commuters and the contractors?

Well lucky for us.. Burnley and Padiham have enough trade to keep open. But how does this effect businesses as a whole?

Well… We provide forklift truck training to staff at several local supermarkets and have seen the decline in trainees and training hours. The sales will ultimately reduce for businesses like Tesco if the hours are cut and staff may be made redundant or have hours cut. It’s a knock on effect.. So, should Tesco keep the 24 hour openings?

Read all about it on the BBC News website and have your say!

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