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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

The Forklift Truck Training Team support Britain

The forklift truck training team are behind the new boss of Premier Foods who has called on all to start buying British-made brands rather than imports.

In a move like the 1968 “I’m Backing Britain” campaign, Mike Clarke, who came to the Hovis to Oxo food makers from Kraft last year, said: “In this year of British celebration, we believe that more and more of our retail customers and consumers will choose to buy British brands like ours, made in Britain, supporting British jobs.”

Part of his work will see Mr Kipling French Fancies rename Mr Kipling Great British Fancies for the summer, with the pink and yellow icing of the French version replaced with bold red, white and blue. Mmmmm one of my favourites!!

Mr Clarke said when he came to the firm, he soon noticed one of the big differences was that they play online casino make 100 per cent of their products in the UK.  He pointed out that Hovis was now made wholly from British wheat, while most of its rivals used wheat that was from Canada.

Key lift is based in Lancashire but we train workers all over the U.K. We have forklift training courses at all levels, first aid training courses and manual handling courses. We enjoy helping firms to get on and be a success. We have companies coming back time and time again for our services, which I think is a good sign!!

Mike, if you need our help, check out our courses and give us a call. That goes for all of you out there!!  Health and Safety is a top issue so make sure you are up to date with it all. Let us sort it out for you and make sure your workers are the best! We ensure ours are!!

Speak soon…from the forklift truck training team.

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