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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Pivot Steer Truck

To Book Pivot Steer Courses Including Bendi Training, Flexi, Aisle Master Call 01282 787007

The Pivot Steer truck is becoming more and more common in the manufacturing workplace. Bendi training is being requested on a weekly basis. Its versatile design allows it to operate in confined spaces while also being an excellent vehicle to use as a counter balance replacement. A lot of our customers explain it as a reach truck and a counter balance truck rolled into one. The pivot steer articulates just in behind the front wheels. this allows the truck to turn at 90 degrees allowing easy entry and withdrawal in confined spaces.

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A common misconception is the truck type name. Many industries refer to a pivot steer truck as a bendi truck. However bendi is just the make along with many other makes.

We offer Bendi forklift training, Flexi training, Aisle Master training all at excellent rates. Our Top quality instructors up and down the country ready to provide you with Bendi Courses.

We also have a dedicated team on hand to answer any questions or queries regarding your training requirements.

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