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Trump, The Rock is after your job!

When the new millennium began did we think Arnold Schwarzenegger would go on to become the governor of California!? No. Trump getting in as president in 2016? Ummm.. hell no.

What if I told you there was a new contender for “America’s sweetheart”? Would you believe it was “The Rock”? No..? Well you’d better believe it as you heard it here first-Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has today had papers filed by “Run the Rock 2020” to be in the running for Presidential elect in 2020. Johnson had previously threatened to do this but it was out of his hands as a grassroots movement to send him to the big house was lodged with the tagline, #MakeAmericaRockAgain

In May, the former pro wrestler stated that he’d like to see better leadership and said on Saturday Night Live that he and Tom Hanks were a joint ticket for the running of America.. whatever happens, we know we can always count on The Rock to give us endless laughs and a positive outlook but is he up to the job?

Well.. I don’t think North Korea would mess with him..! If keylift Forklift truck training Manchester were giving out random names for presidential elects.. We’d like to put Stallone’s name forward.. cheers!


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