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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Used Forklift Trucks

Used forklift trucks are believed to have been broken in after approximately 100 hours of work.  They are a lot cheaper to buy than brand new ones but as with anything there are risks. Obviously you would need to try before you buy to check they are in good working order. I’ve previously mentioned electric trucks last longer but cost more money when buying outright. If you want to save money, I’d opt for a used electric truck as they are easier to maintain.  There are also a great number of great sites that we would recommend but first things first… how long do they last and when should you change them? 

Used Electric Forklift Trucks

Used Forklift Trucks
Telehandler Forklift Truck

Electric forklift batteries last up to 5 years longer than Internal Combustion forklift as there are fewer moving parts.  They need to be serviced regularly as that will extend their lifespan.  From a forklift tuition point of view, electric trucks are a lot easier to start novice forklift training on. Forklifts that are kept in clean, cool environments will last longer.  Be careful where you store your forklift as vehicles left in extremely cold temperatures will age more quickly.  And usage can also affect the way it runs, e.g., being run multiple times throughout the day.

Forklift Hours Measurement

A forklift’s life is measured in hours rather than miles or use. It is estimated that the average lifespan for a forklift is approximately 10,000 hours with 2000 hours of use predicted each year. This means that it would reach its peak around 5 years old and may need replacing. 

If you are not using your forklift for more than 4 hours a day, then a used forklift is recommended. However if you are using it for longer then new is preferred as it will have a longer lifespan.

Average Cost Of Used Forklift Trucks

Used forklifts start from £2000 depending on the type, diesel or electric and hours used. Whereas if you buy a new forklift then you are looking at prices upwards of £15000. This depends on the type, with £15000 reflecting the most basic models.

Always do your research before buying a second-hand truck, as with cars, you can easily be misled.  Do the proper checks and ask for their most recent LOLER certificates and proof of ownership.

Some great sites to look at are Autotrader and eBay. You can find great deals but always view before you buy.

If you would like any more information on truck types or the benefits of diesel and electric, check out our most recent blogs.

Telehandler Forklift

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