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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A First Aid Trainer (UK)

Have you ever thought about becoming a first aid trainer or what qualifications you actually need to be a first aid trainer.

Its a very rewarding job with good rates of pay and you never know when it might come in handy.

3 Steps You Need to Take.

First Aid at Work Qualification

If you are looking to become a first aid trainer, you firstly need experience in the field. Some companies run all-in-one courses where the forst aid training is taught then the yeaching part.
We would always recommend having experience before hand as a first aider. Its good to be able to pass your experience on. Its the best way we learn.

A Teaching Qualification.
A good entry level teaching qualification is the
Level 3 Award in Education and Training formally known as PTLLS (Preparing To Teach In The Life Long Teaching Sector)

Sign Up With An Awarding Body

There are many awarding bodies out there. One that we’ve come across on a number of occasions is Qualsafe.

Its literally as simple as that.

4 Reasons Why You Should Become A First Aid Trainer.

First Aid Trainers Kit

Work With Different People On A Daily Basis.
There are two main courses a first aid training centre run. See below
Emergency First Aid Course (1 day)
First Aid At Work (3 days)

Depending on what course you are running, you are meeting people on a daily basis. You hear different stories and meet some good friends along the way. Some people you will keep in touch with and some you won’t. Its a very interesting job. Even though you are teaching first aid, during breaks you will get to know other peoples jobs, their adventures and other tales from different walks of life.

Great Rates Of Pay
Let’s face it. Not many companies are paying huge amounts of money but you are rewarded quite well for being a first aid trainer. Obviously
It depends how many jobs you take, because as with other jobs in the training industry you are probably working out on site and not for a company.

Helping The Work Place Become A Safer Environment
Now, don’t get me wrong, getting paid is great but knowing you are helping people save lifes is another added bonus.
You are literally teaching people how to keep humans alive.
The role of a first aider is to keep their subject alive until fully trained paramedics arrive. Before first aiders in the workplace, many casualties suffered a lot more from their accidents and some even fatality wounded. This is because what happens in the first few moments after any accident is key for keeping people alive and safe.
You will be contributing to a safer work environment.

Transferable Skills
As you are teaching people to to become first aiders, you need to know the correct skills and procedures yourself. You never know when it might come in handy in the real world.
I know 2 people who have saved peoples life out in the street. One of which received an award from their local council.

One of the biggest factors is shock. Have you got the right qualities to deal with people in shock. Can you keep calm when the world around you is losing it.

HSE recommend if you work in a place with 5 to 50 people at least one person should be a first aider. They should then be 1 more first aider every 50 workers thereafter.

Be A First Aid Trainer With Us

So there you go…the qualifications you need to become a first aid trainer. Its quite straightforward and we’re with you every step of the way for help and guidance.

We have also got a job ready for you when you become a first aid trainer. Visit our careers page for more information.

If you would like any more information on the course we offer you should visit our main website
That’s all for now.

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