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What Should Be In A First Aid Box

So you have sent your staff on a first aid course, now you need to update your First Aid box.

All work places should have a first aid kit that is up to date and stocked correctly.

Below we discuss what contents should be in your first aid kit so you can keep it up to date if that dreaded moment ever happens.

Essential Items That Should Be In Your First Aid Box


First Aid Gloves

Gloves can reduce the risk of an infection.





These should be used for small cuts or grazes. A first aid box should have small and medium sized plasters.

Sterile Wound Dressing

Sterile Wound Dressing

These are for large cut and used to stop bleeding.

Roller Bandages

Roller Bandages

These are rolled up bandages that are used to hold dressings in place. They can also be used to apply pressure and stop bleeding.

Triangular Bandage

Triangular Bandage

The triangular bandage is a piece of fabric that is shaped like a triangle. It is used to make slings and keep the arm in a certain position. It can also be used as a dressing if the bandage is sterile.

Pocket Mask

These can be used to reduce the risk of an infection when giving mouth to mouth. Place the mask over the casualties mouth leaving the hole lined up with their mouth. Place your mouth around the material and make a tight seal.

Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes

Alcohol Free Cleaning Wipes

These are so you can clean the skin around any wounds.

Adhesive Tape

Holds any bandages in place so any material doesn’t come loose.

Other Items That Are Useful To Have In The Workplace


It is quite common for a casualty to go cold when lying around and you never know where an accident will happen. A blanket can aid in warmth.

Clean Film (Cling Film)

These are ideal for burn injuries.

Alcohol Gel

Alcohol gel can be used on the first aiders hands if no water is available to clean the hands.

Keep Your First Aid Box Topped Up

So now you know what contents should be in your first aid box, keep it topped up. Check it regularly and always ensure the expiry date has not passed.

The last thing you want is accident on site but a worse scenario is not having the correct contents.

The items described above are the minimum contents you should have. Furthermore feel free to add whatever contents suit your work environment.

Also remember to keep your First aiders up to date with their training. If you would like to book any first aid training or would like any information go to our first aid courses page.

Thats all for now. Speak soon

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