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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Whatever The Weather, The Forklift Truck Training Team are on Hand!

We can’t miss talking about the bad weather we have been having in the UK.  It’s something that is affecting all at some level, even the forklift truck training team.  However we will not let the weather put a stop to things.  We are working through it to meet your needs!

South West England and Wales are set to have gusts of up to 60mph while the rest of the country is also going to get strong winds and more rain.

Trees could be brought down and already waterlogged areas could be flooded as up to 40mm of rain is thought might fall in places. And rain-lashed Britain shows no sign of drying up as the wet weather is set to carry on into next week.

England and Wales have had the wettest week since December with forecasters seeing no sign of the rain letting up.  Shops have reported soaring sales of wellies and umbrellas in the face of the deluge.  At least someone is gaining from it!!

Also there have been warnings of the possible flooding across parts of the South West, South East and Midlands, East of England and Wales.

It has been said: “The EA is closely monitoring the forecast and rainfall particularly in Worcestershire, as the river levels are now higher than normal in the rivers Severn, Teme and Avon.

Don’t let this set back stop you! You can still contact us to sort out your forklift truck training courses or training needs. There will be a friendly voice to talk through things with you. Our expert trainers can teach your staff counter balance training, scissor lift truck training and more … at all levels!! Check out or site to see what we have to offer you.

Speak soon…I just need to nip out and buy a new brolly!!

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