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Why Fire Safety Training Is Important

There is many roles you need to cover as an employer. You’re a sales representative an accountant and many more. You are also in charge of the employees health and safety while at work.

It’s easy to remember the usual training you need to provide like Forklift Truck Training and First Aid etc, but what about Fire Safety Training!

Fire Safety Extinguisher Chart

Why Do We Need Fire Safety Training?

In 2018/19 there were 36,283 dwelling fires in the UK, according to Home Office statistics. Apparently this is the lowest figure on record according to the Morgan Clark blog. This is still a staggering amount!

Fires can easily be stopped from escalating by acting quick and putting them out while they are small. By putting a selection of employees through fire safety training, they will have the correct knowledge to fully understand which extinguisher to use on what type of fire. This would stop the fire dead in its tracks.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher

This can save a company thousands of pounds and many hours of production down time. So by providing you employees with Fire Marshal Training it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

What Is Included In The Course.

The candidates will be taught measures to prevent fires from starting in the first place.

Water Extinguisher

They will learn the biggest cause of fires and why they start.

Which extinguishers to use on what type of fires. There are 4 main extinguishers in the UK and their uses vary.

Furthermore you wouldn’t want to use a water extinguisher on an electrical fire. You may be surprised to know that this is a common occurrence for companies with untrained employees.

What fire extinguisher would you use on an electrical fire? Do you know?

If you are unsure you should definitely book a Fire Safety Course

We always have great offers on and aim to provide the best possible course we can for you. Get in touch today so we can provide you with a free Quote.

We also provide Forklift Training and other courses, check out our website for more details.

Speak soon.

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