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KEYLIFT FORKLIFT TRUCK TRAINING Professional Fork Lift Truck Training

Can I Get Free Forklift Truck Training

Free forklift truck training has it’s advantages and disadvantages.
There was a trend a few years ago where some companies were tapping into funding. This was from various sources and offering forklift training for free. However as the old saying goes there’s nothing free in this world.
 What was really happening is people were being signed up to some form of funded qualification. Little did companies know, an assessor had to make a few visits to the company over several months.  But the free forklift training looked really attractive.

Now Is The Forklift Truck Training Free?

A standard forklift refresher course is usually a 1 day course. The instructor comes onsite, conducts the forklift truck training and then leaves once all the candidates have been adequately trained. The ‘free’ forklift truck training on the other hand the instructor needs to assess the candidates multiple times. The candidate usually has homework to do in order to pass the qualification. 
This ‘free’ training is a really good idea if you want your staff to obtain some form of warehouse or plant operations qualification. It also shows employees you are willing to provide them with qualifications that they can take away with them. A good place to start looking for free training is to look at your local job centre plus.
However if you just need your staff trained on the forklift truck you probably would be best off booking your basic forklift training course.

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It doesn’t really matter if you choose free forklift truck training or paid. Your main duty is to make sure you select someone who is going to conduct training to the high standard you would expect. Find out what to look for when selecting a forklift instructor. Once you have chosen the correct instructor that is half of the battle complete. Do what works the best for your employees and your business.

The Keylift Training team are always on hand to help and guide you through your training needs. we have and array of training courses which you should definitely check out on our home page.

Bye for now.

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