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Operating A Forklift Truck After Lockdown

Operating a forklift truck after lockdown is a tricky one. As with most of us the lockdown has been a lengthy process and now after months of being at home, watching day time TV, some of us are finally getting back to work. 
We clock in and carry out our pre use checks on the forklift truck.
But this morning is different from what we’re used to, it’s been a while since we’ve operated a lift truck.

The longest we’ve gone before is a long weekend or our annual 2 week holidays. For some of us it’s been 3 months!
A forklift is a bit like riding a bike in the respect that you never forget how to do it.  However as with bikes you do get rusty and mistakes can creep in.

Lock Down Notes

First Day Operating The Forklift Truck After Lockdown

When operating a forklift after lockdown don’t be complacent and familiarise yourself with the controls, brakes, acceleration level again. Some of our companies have issued their staff with forklift refresher training just to bring them back up to date with things. If their training is still in date this is not a must. However it is a good idea. As a company, which ever method you choose make sure your operators are ready to undertake the dangerous task of driving forklift after a long lay off.

3 Ways To Ensure Operators Are Competent After Lockdown

1- Use A training company to come in and assess / refresh the operators driving skills

2 – Carry out internal assessments to make sure the operators are still competent on the truck. As with any form of training, make sure it is documented with dates and signatures.

3 – Safety videos are always a good idea. They usually show a lot of common accidents that happen in the workplace. Its always an eye opener and makes operators re-think their driving habits.

Here at Keylift Forklift and Safety Training some of our instructors have enjoyed the last few weeks soaking up the weather. But now it’s about to get back to the real world and teach our candidates forklift truck safe practices.

That is all for now. Ciao

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