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Speed Limit Of A Forklift

If you currently own or work in a busy warehouse, then you will know that forklift trucks are a valuable commodity but what speed should you be travelling at when operating these? Is there a set speed limit? What affects the speed?

We are here to answer all these questions and more.

Forklift Truck Speed Limit

While there is no given speed limit of a forklift, we must advise against going maximum speed. This is due to an increased risk of accidents and suggest that you follow the guidance of workplace speed limits. This is to ensure safety of others in these areas. The speed limit set by the company should vary from the type of truck (reach, ppt, counterbalance etc)

Furthermore, load will affect the stability of the truck. So there are a lot of things to think about when choosing the speed to travel at. These trucks are very heavy and with load weight combined, if they are in an accident, it will not end well.

Wear and tear of the truck can also affect the speed so it is important to always get them checked. Always follow guidance on LOLER checks, these need to be completed every 6-12 months dependant on what the trucks are being used for.

Ultimately there in no set speed that a forklift should be going. It is down to the employers to create a safe environment through risk assessment. The forklift truck operators should also be assessing their load and working environment to travel at a safe speed to the conditions. The correct Forklift Training can help operators with this.

The HSE website have some good information on managing risks and risk assessment at work.

Forklift In The Workplace

Importance Of Signage

We would also recommend clear signage around the area and perhaps even speed bumps to encourage drivers to adhere to the given speed limits. Over the years, we have seen people perform recklessly whilst driving trucks and once people pick up bad habits, it can be very hard for them to shift them, and we want to ensure people use this machinery correctly and at a safe speed and this is something we will check when onsite training.

Workplace Signs Are Important

Speed Restrictor

Another thing that we have seen businesses do is fit a speed inhibiting device which
regulates the speed of the truck and will not allow it to go over a given speed.

Gas Speed Vs Electric Speed

There is very little difference in speed between Diesel and Electric trucks but ultimately
Electric trucks provide cleaner air and need less parts replacing so in the long run will
be a better investment for you as they will last longer (see blog on electric vs diesel).

Key things to note: By travelling below the maximum speed limit and following risk
assessments and guidance from your Keylift examiner, not only will you stay safe but
also keep your truck in a good condition for longer.

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