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Speed Limit On A Forklift Truck

Every Time the conversation arises regarding speed limit on a forklift truck, we constantly hear 5 mph thrown around.  However here at Keylift Forklift and Safety Training we think 5 mph is a little too fast.

Speed Limit speedometer

Ok, so 5 mph in a nice open space, level ground with no obstacles 5 mph would be fine. However, what about in an warehouse aisle? Would you say 5 mph is still a safe speed?

So What Is The Speed Limit On A Forklift?

When operating a forklift truck in the workplace, you’ve got to remember the the speed limit stated on company premises is not a target.  In other words you need to be constantly going, say 5 mph. The rule we always use is…always go at a speed that suits your driving environment and the goods you are carrying.
Different companies have different views on this. You should check out the Fork Lift Truck Association Opinion.

It’s common sense isn’t it? Although common sense isn’t always that common. The speed limit sign states the limit but you wouldn’t drive around at that speed all the time! That is just a speed ‘limit’.

Tip overs on forklift trucks occur on a regular basis in the UK. Most of which are due to the dynamic instability that speed causes.
Last year forklift accidents in the UK increased, rising from 1,000 per year to 1,300. This shows accidents on forklifts are the rise, just below the biggest accidents in the workplace, falling from height.

3 Steps To Stop Accidents.

1- Reduce Your Speed limit On A Forklift Truck

Don’t rush when operating a forklift truck.  People seem to use speed to get the job done faster. However if you look at how much faster the task gets completed along with the possible accidents that can occur, it’s just not worth it.

2 – Up Your Observations

We all fall into the habit of complacency in any walk of life. But being complacent on a FLT has disastrous effects for you and all parties involved. Be aware at all times.

3- Pre use checks

Carry out a pre shift check on the forklift it could save lives. More on checks in our pre shift check sheet article.

The main reason accidents happen on forklifts is speed. So next time you’re driving in around the workplace on a forklift truck, ask yourself:

Could I stop in time if somebody walked around that corner?
Is my load safe at this speed?
Is my speed correct for this ground type?
If a turn at this speed, is it safe?
Should I be going at this speed with pedestrians around?

If the answer is no, may be you need to re-evaluate your speed.

Keep safe while using machinery, Know the speed limit on a forklift truck in the workplace and don’t put yourself or others at risk.

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That’s all for now.

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